Women's self defence


  • STAT

    The Savannah Taekwondo Academy Team competes in Olympic-Style Taekwondo Tournaments across the nation. STAT has been representing Savannah and Georgia in competitions since 1989.  For twenty years Instructors-Owners of Savannah Taekwondo Academy, Doug and Jenni Matsuoka have trained taekwondo athletes from ages 5 to 50 to compete at the local, state, national and international level. Many of our athletes have competed with much success. STAT athletes are considered among the top in the state of Georgia at any local taekwondo competition. When you move to the Regional level everyone who has competed has placed in the top four. At the National level you are competing against the best in the entire country and STAT manages to bring home numerous Gold medals each year. We have had athletes make the US Cup Taekwondo Team, the Tekno Taekwondo Team, The Marco Island Taekwondo Team and The United States Taekwondo Union Jr. Team. Currently there are 9 national champions and 2 AAU Taekwondo Junior Prep Team members on our team.