Women's self defence

a few words about our school

Savannnah Taekwondo Academy is a family owned and operated Martial Arts and fitness facility with three locations: White Bluff at Windsor Road (main branch), Richmond Hill Elementary and The Salvation Army. We Train students ages 5 and up in Taekwondo, a Korean style of martial arts. We also offer Kickboxing, Self-Defense, Speed/Conditioning and Goshinbudo (MMA) classes. High energy tripple fat burining aerobic exercises are incorporated into our martial arts program giving participants increased energy and a healthier lifestyle. We have been in business since 1986.

Benefits of study

1. Helps in the development of character, leadership and maturity. 1. Helps maintain good health.
2. Builds self-confidence. 2. Aids in weight control.
3. Teaches responsibility and respect. 3. Helps develop and maintain muscle tone and body flexibility
4. Develops self-control and patience. 4. Teaches self-defense.
5. Increases coordination. 5. Helps release tension and anxieties.
6. Assists in developing social relationships. 6. Improves concentration level.
7. Assists in academic development. 7. Builds confidence.
8. Develops civic, cultural and ethnic awareness.. 8. Teaches self-control.
  9. Develops leadership qualities.


Studying the Martial Arts gives a remarkable spirit to it's practitioners. A student of the Martial Arts is a more confident type of individual. He or she has physical strength and mental discipline. The entire body of a Martial Arts student is considered his/her weapon. They can defend against all aggressors with hands, fists,elbows, feet, knees or any other part of the body. With an attitude of modesty, their teachings and code forbids unfair assaults or unnecessary use of force. Such mental and physical confidence is beneficial to the life of the individual, his family, neighbors and country.